Maui Civil Air Patrol
Maui County Composite Squadrons

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Maui is home to two separate CAP Squadrons, each of them having interests and talents which lead to them concentrating more on, or being "better" at, some missions over others. Each of our Squadrons are committed to CAPs three mission areas: Cadet Programs, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education.

If you have an interest in the Civil Air Patrol, either as a senior member or as a cadet, you're invited to visit both squadron meetings and meet all of us in person.


Composite Squadron
The Maui 57th


Maui County
Composite Squadron

The Maui 76th


In the Civil Air Patrol, we place strong emphasis on developing, promoting and living in accordance with four CORE VALUES that define what we stand for and provide a moral compass for our members:

  • INTEGRITY: Embracing honesty, courage, responsibility, accountability, justice, openness, self-respect, humility and self-discipline.
    We say: "Malama pono" (Take good care of things with right action and committment)
  • VOLUNTEER SERVICE: Service to others, to our community and to humanity.
    We say: "Pupukahi i holomua" (By working together we make progress)
  • EXCELLENCE: A continuous effort, both personally, as a local squadron and as an organization to be the best.
    We say: "Kupono I Ka Wa Mua" (Do it right the first time)
  • RESPECT: Treating others with fairness and dignity and working together as a team.
    We say: "Aloha no kakou" (Love, peace, unity and a welcoming spirit is emphasized to all of you and to me)

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